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About Dialect-AI

What is conversational AI?

Conversational AI is a smart way to process language (input) and generate a response based on the input (output)

Wat is an agent?

An agent is a digitally created entity with which you can communicate. The agent uses a conversational AI model to answer your questions. An agent has a name and is, for example, the digital ‘person’ you chat with.

How do you use an AI-agent?

The agents you create in your environment can be linked to your software, platform, or chatbot via an API. In your environment, you can monitor how your agents perform and make adjustments such as retraining your agents.

Is my data safe with Dailect-AI?

Yes, your data is truly safe. The data you upload is only used for your Agents. We make sure that no one can view your data, both externally and internally. We at Dialect-AI also cannot access your data.

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