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Dialect- Star


Dialect-AI - Artificial intelligence
Our groundbreaking technology
pushes the boundaries of
conversational excellence.




Empower your brand by using action based conversational AI

*NEW*Connect your data warehouse and get instant access to realtime data.
Use AI to predict the right personalized message, action or offer that will spark your next online conversations. Using our onboarding you will have your chatbot up and running within minutes. 
The most active chatbot around

At Dialect we empower you to build AI Agents that can absorb information and take logic based actions with a custom knowledge base.

You provide the relevant information to personalize your chatbots and help them to respond accordingly. Have a specific target for your chatbot like pushing upsell potential or setting appointments with new clients? This is now possible by usings custom or set chatbot conditions.

Artificial intelligence on phone
Starting at

€11,99 p/m

Handle all customer service questions automatically using the powerful Dialect Platform.

Dialect- Star
Generative AI chat on phone
Artificial intelligence platform
AI chatbots powered by Dialect-AI
Powering online interactions for customers around the world. Automation that delivers an extraordinary ROI from day one.​ We deliver so much more than just automated responders.
Revolutionizing how businesses Operate.

Frequently asked questions

Is Dialect easy to use?

Yes, it is very easy to use. When you sign-up you enter the onboarding. This will help you to get started. All you have to do is follow a few easy steps and you are ready to use your virtual agents.

Does this safe me much time?

Yes. By using AI powered chatbots in your customer service a lot of questions can be handled appropriate and fast without using your valuable time.

Is Dialect safe to use?

Yes. Your data is stored really safe. The data you upload is only used for your agents. We make sure that nobody can view your data, both externally and internally. We at Dialect-AI also cannot access your data.

Is Dialect available in more languages?

Yes. Currently Dialect is available in English and in Dutch. We are working very hard to get more languages involved in the future.

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